Creating better workplaces for everyone.

We believe that teams are only as strong as their people. And having a well built HR system in place can facilitate growth, it can turn out to be a game-changer. These HR tools have been put together to fix our team's personal problems & we hope it's of great use for yours.

Make things super simple.

Take away all those manual tasks, stay on top of your job, & focus on innovative people strategies. We bring you an all-in-one platform to manage your employee data, run payrolls, automate leave flows, provide benefits, & more.

Big or small. Meant for all.

Designed for fast-moving teams of all sizes, each feature added to the platform has been carefully put together to be highly customizable & flexible to reflect just the way you work.

A product of Loopcraft

A product of Loopcraft

A design technology company based in the Maldives, we engage in the best of strategy, design, marketing, software & application development.

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