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What’s new in Humanlot: July product updates

What's new in Humanlot: July product updates

One of the best parts about being able to craft an entire product out of your own idea is that there is so much that you can do with it. Don't like how the developed feature works? Tweak it. Think you can add a button to make the workflow more easy? Design it. Add another entire module to the platform? Forge ahead with it!

Since launch, the meetings held within our teams and clients have mostly been about exploring how to make Humanlot better, bigger, and holistic. We have been working with these insights to bring about some major improvements.

Here are our updates for the month of July ✨

Attendance feature updates

Get advanced attendance insights

So we didn't stop at just being able to track the working hours, now each of your employees gets a personalized dashboard consisting of advanced analytics derived based on their attendance.

These insights can be super helpful in improving both the performance and productivity of the workplace.

Get Advanced Insights
Advanced attendance insights

Enable duty travel

This comes in handy for companies which require their employees to travel for work frequently. Creating a duty travel means your employees will no longer have to worry about reporting to work when they are on the go. Auto check-ins and check-outs will be made and employers can define if any additional allowances will be granted on these days as well.

Track through geolocation

Attendance tracking through geo location is convenient for those employers who have logistics departments or work from multiple locations. Leveling up the virtual check-ins - the geolocation feature makes it a must for the employee to be physically present at a particular location to complete their check in or check out. The check-in button will only be enabled once the employee enters the marked premises within the app.

Tracking through geolocation

Leave feature updates

Know leave cut off times

It's quite hard work to mentally keep a track of the remaining leave days of employees on leave. So now you can simply toggle over this bubble here on the dashboard to see how many days are left for them to come back. This bubble will slowly shrink as the days go by. How cool is that?

Adding more details to the leave policy we have now enabled a feature which allows employers to define the time period within which an employee must apply for a specific leave.

Access new leave calendar

The leave calendar has got a whole new look and additional filters.You can now;

  1. Scroll through the calendar effortlessly
  2. Get leave views yearly, monthly, weekly or daily
  3. Filter the leaves of certain groups or departments

New look leave calendar

Mobile app updates

Updates have been pushed to the mobile application concurrently with the new features enabled through the Humanlot web platform. Now employees can mark attendance using geolocation. Additional small bug fixes and performance improvements have been also brought about.

Mark attendance using geolocation

Other additional updates

Get detailed payroll reports

Generate your payroll and get them insights. Check how much has been spent from your company for overtime, pension, and other benefits. View the average salary amount and how much you have spent on each department.

Detailed payroll reports

Receive notifications

All leaves, attendance, payroll, and company wide notifications can now be viewed from both the Humanlot platform and its mobile application.

Receive notifications from both the platform and mobile app

2 factor authorization for passwords

To improve your online account security we have now enabled two-factor authentication. Simply head over to the security section through the setting tabs and opt to enable this through text message or the google authenticator.

2 factor authorization for passwords