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What's new in Humanlot: June product updates

What's new in Humanlot: June product updates

Just two months into launching the platform, we have brought about both major and minor changes to Humanlot. The numerous discussions we have had with our clients—listening to their frustrations about running the HR department, and all the monotonous and manual work they have had been doing all these years, have aided us in improving the current workflows, processes, and deliverables that we offer.

We sincerely believe that product updates, even if minor, can help deliver highly personalized experiences and create more efficient and effective digitally productive work environments.

Here is our May Month Updates ✨

Mobile App Launch 🎉

Launching the Humanlot mobile app has been on the top of our to-do list since we officially got the product out in the market. The HR department of our clients' are now pocket-sized and fit to accommodate all team types.

The app comes with a dashboard that gives a snapshot of who reported to work, who's on leave, and how long one has been working that day.
Yeap! This is as easy as it gets. Employees can check their leave balances and apply for leaves right through the app.
This is one way to motivate employees to be productive. Allow them to keep track of what they have been up to at the workplace each day.
There's more! Employees can also claim for OT and work outings through the app itself.
All personal and job-related information is stored here, including one's pay slips.
Pay Slips
No more printing multiple payslips for each employee every month. They will now be able to download and view their payslip history.

Drag and Drop Shifts 🔁

This is one module that we have completely scratched and worked on again. Creating and assigning shifts are now more flexible than ever. To summarize now you can;

  • Create shifts for different group of employees
  • Drag and drop shifts around the calendar
  • Copy existing shifts and paste it in the next months calendar
  • Send notifications and allow them to take free shifts

How cool is that?


Collaborate and share work documents

It's like a mini google drive within your HR platform. Be it the employee handbook, agreements, or a policy update—you can share any document with a particular employee or team with just one click.

Auto-generate organizational structure.

This one comes in extra handy when onboarding new teammates, planning employee career plans, or when managing HR resources. We help you visualize your company structure.

Organizational Chart

And one more surprise! 😏 We've added this tiny feature for your convenience. Simply press command + k to search employees, to see who's at work, out, or absent.

That's about it for now. We've got exciting new things lined up ahead, and cannot wait to share them with you.