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HR in 2022

HR in 2022

Since 2020, our lives have not been the same. The global pandemic changed our daily lives to a great extent including the way we travel, eat, shop, and, most importantly, how we work.

Working during a pandemic can be extremely difficult, and so here are some pointers on how to push through these changes and how to approach 2022 with the help of modern HR practices.

First things first, the key to HR is working on:

Prioritising individual talent - talent and potential are something that exist in all humans, but it can only be brought out within the right environment. The world has changed. People adapt. So HR must consider people in new situations and change employee preferences and priorities or the rising need for effective employer branding tactics.

Focus on personality - HR needs to address the changing and emerging new technologies that will impact your competitive edge. Team foundation will become an even more important factor in achieving a competitive edge. Focus on the people foundation and matching preferences within personality, values and culture will become vital to stay ahead. Building a learning platform using new digital and cloud technologies will enable HR to distribute a more broad and comprehensive people learning and adaptability.

Innovative solutions - A new generation of HR technologies are emerging and depending on HR's ability to be objective and collaborative there are great opportunities. Many available HR-tech solutions are simple subscription solutions enriching your existing systems and processes. Easy to implement (plug-in) without the need of large investments.

When working in human resources and recruitment, there is a continuous increase of new technology

Here are some key points to remember:

  • Virtualized HR solutions are dominating since the industry is so competitive, and they've all begun collaborations.
  • Currently there are new styles of solutions created prioritising both employees and organisations.
  • The industry has evolved, the HR system is no longer just an information storage system. Startups already are inventing new technologies, and you should be sure that you're not just another app.
  • Many companies have cutting-edge AI technology, which can be used for recruiting, with AI-based sourcing, assessment, screening, interviewing, and candidate experience management now accessible.

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