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What is Humanlot?

What is Humanlot?

Hello! 👋🏽

Humanlot is a product that we created for ourselves. It's a product that came to life to fix a bunch of problems our hybrid team at Loopcraft has been facing for ages. We wanted something that could take away all the manual and monotonous tasks that strung along with HR. A tech tool that came with the flexibility and ease to support employees regardless of where they worked, without overdoing it.

What started off as a simple hunt for the right HR product led us to multiple HR tools with great value but it also hit us with the reality that if we wanted a platform that addressed all our problems, we’ll just have to build one for ourselves. And so that is what we did.

After hours, days, weeks, & months of intense research, product designing, coding, & testing - we are finally ready to introduce our HR fix to the world.

There are so many HR tools out there yet you could not find one fit for your team?

Yes, really. There are beautiful HR products made with great technology. However, the problem we were faced with was that if one platform came with extensive payroll features it did not offer time tracking tools. And even if a platform offered both payroll and attendance features, it missed supporting features such as compliance, benefits, and insights.

What's different about Humanlot?

Our team works from the office, home, and remotely. Different leave and allowance policies apply to different employees. Different time tools are required to track attendance and the way we run our payroll differs from other companies. So if we function this uniquely, we understand that you do too.

Our platform has been developed so that it can integrate your policies, time tracking tools, software, partners, or any other app you need for your workplace. The idea is that your payroll and attendance are in sync and everything is automated. We just want to make everything super simple.

And not to mention, the platform design. We won’t be surprised if you spend your entire day viewing calendars, downloading our insight reports, and looking at performance charts. We do it all the time.

Is Humanlot for you?

Yes and yes. Big or small. Humanlot is meant for all!

P.s we are far from being done. Our team is working on adding exciting new features to the platform. Follow our social media accounts to stay up to date with Humanlot stories and shenanigans.