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5 Simple steps for an effective WFH day

Make WFH effective

Working from home may be a blessing in disguise to some but for most it's not as simple as it seems especially if you live in a family household. At home, your office could be either your bedroom on one day and the kitchen counter the next day. The constant cycle of responsibilities but no routine to stick to becomes a major distraction and a factor to ineffective work days. Although remote working is the new normal for many for the past two years and for the near future as well, getting work done in the absence of a work environment can be extremely difficult.

Which is why here are a few tips that we have put together that could help you stay focused and motivated through the day.

  1. Map out a game plan

    Try to come up with a routine for your week and stick to it. It doesn't have to be a strict plan, just a list of tasks you want to get done by the end of the day. We recommend making a visual table for your tasks to keep focused and using trackers for tasks which you can cross off as you go.
  2. Take breaks

    The biggest problem we face when we work from home is the lack of motivation and a steady work flow. Upon research, one of the most effective methods people combat this issue is by working for short amounts of time and taking breaks. The ideal time ranges from working 25 - 40 mins and then taking a 10 minute break. Which is a little mind game that keeps you motivated.
  3. Dress to impress

    You know what they say, dress for the job you want. Well, now is your chance. Dress up at home just as you would for a regular work day to create a work like simulation at home. By doing this you almost forget about the urge to close your computer and hop into bed.
  4. Create a home office

    Have a separate space for your makeshift home office. Even if it is the coffee table or the desk in your room. You can set up a few office items such as your computer and some stationeries and the key to this step is making sure to avoid using this space for eating meals and doing household chores during your assigned work hours.
  5. Set the mood

    Having music playing in the background can help you stay motivated and have a steady flow. If you’re not much of a music person - have your TV, podcast or even whitenoise playing at a distance. As long as you make sure you are not distracted by these you should be fine.

So the next time you catch yourself dozing off or distracted try out these tricks and see what works for you. Follow us on our socials @joinhumanlot to stay updated and hear more tips and tricks from us!